Monday, January 23, 2006

Just call me Neglectful Nellie

Not only have I been guilty of neglecting my blog in the light of current events. I've been neglecting my renewed promise to myself to be healthy in the coming year. And despite the fact that I always said I wouldn't be "that girl" when I finally found a guy (you know, the one who stops talking to her friends, can't be bothered to make plans until she knows what he's doing, etc) suddenly occured to me I am.

The promise of being more healthy this year really just snuck up on me. At the beginning of this month I was doing great! Hell, I was almost in a routine of exercise...then I stopped. Bad Agategoddess. Can't tell when the last time was I hopped on the eliptical. Or even just went for a walk. And the eating habits, well, let's just say they've been less then stellar too. My wake up call came at 5:45 a.m. today when I stepped on the scale and found the 10lbs I had worked so hard to get rid of around the holidays (no easy task) had found their way back. Little bastards. Thank god the Donut is back up and running.

As for being "that girl", well, I think I'm pretty much on my way back to being the girl I usually am sans a man in my life. Read that as loud, obnoxious and thoroughly more interested in her friends than anything else (unless there's a promise of a quicky. Hey, I'm a woman in her 30s I have needs, damn it!). Friday I had made plans with Friend Amy from work to hang out, watch movies and just have a girls night since her boyfriend is in North Carolina and Mr. M and I had not planned on seeing each other at all due to previous commitments. But he called me late Thursday night and wanted to come over Friday for a few hours inbetween work and something else. My reply was something along the lines of "Well, that's o.k., but you have to be out by 6. That's when Amy's coming over and I already made plans with her when I didn't think we were giong to get together at all."

He just laughed and came over anyway. We talked, relaxed (he's got a lot of outside stress right now) and just enjoyed a short catnap. Then around 6 I made him leave. Hey, friends are important! They're the ones who stick by your sorry ass when you don't have anyone at all.

So that's where I am right now. I'm trying to eat better but (and I know this is no excuse) I'm coming up on TOM and my carb cravings are out of control. Exercise wise I've picked up another night of hockey but still, I need to do more.

I know I do. On all levels of my life. I just need to do more.

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Denise said...

Good for you, on all counts!