Friday, January 20, 2006

Just popping by

Hey kids, I know, I know. Go ahead and say it...

I'm a bad blogger mom.

Really, I've been meaning to post the past couple of days about many, many, many things swirling around in my brain. But I seem to have forgotten how to put a coherent sentence together. Tomorrow I should be able to get something out there for the three of you that still read this. I promise!

That being said I want to wish George and Kaz over at Wanderlust a great big congratulations on the birth of their son Owen yesterday morning. Kaz has been documenting the last nine months leading up to the event and it's has just been amazing to me all of the changes and events they have gone through. That and I love playing with the webcam.

So Mazel Tov you two! Best of luck in your new adventures as parents.

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Denise said...

New babies are great but some of us want to know how things with the New Guy are going. :-)