Saturday, January 14, 2006

For those of you on the edge of your seats

O.k., so all three of you who read this are probably wondering how things went Thursday night. And even if you aren't, I'm going to tell you anyway.

The night went just swimmingly. No, it was better than that. It was a double scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream in a pretzel cone good. In my book, it doesn't get much better. Unless there's peanut butter involved but that's neither here nor there.

We met at a local italian restaurant after he was finished with his last class of the day (he teaches english at one of the local institutions of higher learning) for dinner. I was so nervous all day and even up until we sat down I wasn't that hungry. He said he wasn't either so we split a small pizza and each got salads. The conversation was flowing so well though that I hardly even noticed our poor waitress who had to come back to the table three times before we were ready to order.

The longer we were at the restaurant the more comfortable things got so I suggested we go back to my place to watch a movie or two. I had already set up my red phone call so I wasn't worried. Heck, by this point I was so comfortable with him I was kind of hoping I wouldn't get my call.

The rest of the night was just spent on the couch, talking, watching National Treasure (won't even get into the historical inaccuracies of this movie.) and PCU. By the end of National Treasure we were sitting very close and holding hands. By the end of PCU we were kissing. And that's where it ended. We both looked at the clock, realized it was almost 11 and even though weren't ready to part knew it was for the best.

We kissed again on the porch before he got in his Explorer and made plans to get together again soon.

That's it. The whole sordid, or not so sordid, story.

Things could have progressed a lot further, don't get me wrong. But this time around I don't want to just jump right in. I'm liking this guy. A lot. This time around I don't want to come out of the gates running at full speed because, to be honest, the last couple of times I did that. And you all know how that ended up.

So that's that. We spoke on the phone last night for almost an hour before bed. Tonight I'm off to hang with some friends and see my former room mate's neighbor (try saying that 10 times fast), Christian at one of his band's gigs. Mr. M (for Mr. Man) had plans with his moter and tomorrow is off limits too as I have a hockey game. But Monday, well, Monday is planned for spending time again.

Not to get ahead of myself but boy, do I ever hope this works.


Bev - Living In Hormoney said...

That's great!! I'm glad it went so well!!

Denise said...

YAY for you (and Mr. M)!!!

George said...

Cool! I haven't had a date-date in a long time. You described it well and I almost miss that beggining sense of wonderment about each other. Good for you and I hope things progress along as you expect.

The Dummy said...

Yeah! This new year sure is off to a great start! I'm assuming your silence is due to good news on your end regarding the dating life. :)