Tuesday, February 21, 2006


The end of our time together was quickly approaching.

We had spent lunch together, in between his classes and then went snow blower shopping. Nothing too exciting. Just enjoying our fleeting time together. After visiting Sam's Club there was still time to kill. Almost three more hours until he needed to be back at work.

"Do you want to come back and watch a movie?"

"Sure. I'll meet you back at your house."

We parted with a quick peck, got behind the wheel of our own cars and turned west toward my home. He's becoming quite familiar with the path to my front door, so I wasn't worried about making sure he was behind me. He knew how to get there.

Parking is easy on my one way street in the afternoon. Everyone is at work or off running errands. He parked right in front of the house.

I had forgotten the room mates would be there. All three of us were still recouperating from the weekend of skiing. This was the first time he'd be meeting them. We went into the living room and made ourselves comfortable. We shared an episode of Law and Order with Room Mate #1. Then he headed out the door to get a few things done he normally doesn't have time to due to his work schedule. Room mate #2 eventually vacated the house too. His hockey team had practice that afternoon.

The pink evelope was still in my pocket.

My brain and my heart were arguing over whether I should actually give it to him or not.

We spent the rest of our too short time together napping, my head on his shoulder, eyes closed, letting a little sigh of contentment out as I relaxed.

"What was that for?" he smiled down at me.

"Nothing in particular. I'm just happy. This is nice."

"I agree," he smiled again and kissed me a little bit longer this time.

I sighed again.

The clock suddenly found it had wings and before I knew it, it was time for him to head back to work. There was work to be done before his late class came in.

As he was getting himself back together, I snuck downstairs and tucked the pink envelope that had been riding in my pocket into his coat pocket. Someplace he would find it, but not until later. He put on his coat as he was walking out the door and I noticed he stuck his hand in the pocket with the pink envelope. He didn't take it out though.

We kissed some more before he needed to go, he promised to call me later and soon he was gone.

I didn't hear from him the rest of the week.

Not an email. Not an IM. Not even a phone call.


And that, is why my brain has been working overtime. Did I go too far? Was the card too much? I shouldn't have done that. Great, now he thinks I'm pushing this. That's it. It has to be. Why hasn't he even emailed me?

We finally spoke on Saturday night. He had been busy, he said. And sick.


I missed you this week.

I missed you too. Do you want to get together this week? Before I start working the part-time?

Sure, let me check my schedule and I'll let you know.


Talk to you later.

No mention of the pink envelope. I could hear the gears grinding in his brain already. If I don't bring up the card, maybe she'll forget about it.

As of today, still nothing. Still no email, IM or phone call.

I'm starting to think this train is slowing down.

All because of a pink envelope.


Anonymous said...

Don't over analyze! He is a guy, which means things like cards, no matter how important they are to you, don't cross his mind.

George said...

Uh, anonymous, I'm a guy, and a cool card is great. If he thinks like that, then he isn't worth it because that means he won't care about the wedding aniversary because he is too busy thinking about something less important. If the card didn't cross his mind, it is because he is stupid, not because he is a guy. Guys like that are not worth it. Guys like that end up getting divorced or breakup because their wives/girlfriends do not get the attention they might deserve.

I don't know why he hasn't said anything, but maybe he forgot when he talked to you, he was sick. Maybe he didn't know what to say. Maybe he didn't see it. I agree with anonymous on one thing only. Don't over analyze. Ask him about it.

Sorry for the attacking rebuttal agategoddess, I just don't want real men's reputations being reduced to "not crossing our minds".

Anonymous said...

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