Thursday, February 02, 2006

Coffee, tea or...

Mr. M called me Tuesday night around 9:15. We were supposed to be meeting at 9:30.

"Hey, I can't talk long because I'm using one of my colleague's cell phone."

"O.k., what's up? How's class?"

"Eh, it's all right. That's actually why I'm calling. I forgot tonight was the first time this class meets sooooo, we won't be getting out until 10. There's just too much to do in the first night."

"Oh...o.k., no big deal." (ahem yes it is, did I not actually do my hair, put on makeup and leave my warm house for this? ran through my head.)

"Let's reschedule for Thursday. Is Thursday o.k.?"

"Um, yeah, I think," I said as I mentally went through my calendar. "Want to meet for coffee?"

"Sure, sure. I need someplace quiet anyway. We need to talk."

Oh sweet Moses.

"Sounds good, just give me a call when you get out of class. I'll be at home doing laundry."

"O.k., see you Thursday then. I need to get back to class."

"Sure. See you Thursday."


We need to's been playing over and over again in my head. When a guy says we need to talk, in my experience at least, it's never a good thing. Usually what follows is something along the lines of you're a great girl but (fill in the blank). We're probably just better off being friends.

Am I being paranoid? Yes.

Should I be worried? Maybe.

Will I let it get to me if I get the old "let's just be friends speech" again? Probably for about a day or two, then I'll get over it.

No man is worth that much anguish.


Denise said...

Maybe "we need to talk" is just because he's getting ready to join the Peace Corps or something...

mr. helpful said...

I think he wants to talk because President Bush is about to name him ambassador to Peru and he didnt tell you before because he really didnt think he was gonna get the position but he did so now he's got to tell you about the whole thing and even though he knows you dont much care for Bush, maybe, just maybe, you'll consider moving to Peru with him anyways....