Friday, February 03, 2006

Friends is a four letter word

The F word came up a lot in our conversation last night.

It was almost 9 by the time he called. The class had just left and he was walking out to the car. I had expected a short trip to Starbucks then home and in bed by 10:30.

I was wrong.

Instead we met at Denny's so Mr. M could eat dinner. During his long teaching days he often doesn't get time for meals so Denny's was a compromise place. I could have my coffee, he could have his All American Slam.

Conversation was light. We talked about our respective days. He regaled me with stories about his job search and students. I complained about some of the incredibley stupid people I must deal with during the course of my day and how I am in no way ready to don the sarong in two weeks. He presented me with some copies of CDs and DVDs I had been coveting that he had burned for me.

At one point conversation turned to how he wants to get back into shape again (he was a runner in high school and college before his back gave out) and how he needs to take more time to settle down. Be with friends. Huh. There's that f word again.

Due to our public location we never really had a big conversation about anything. I sensed he still has a lot on his mind but we just never got into it. So when we parted ways with a big hug and a nice, long kiss in the parking lot, I was more confused than ever.

And that's where we left it. Due to busy schedules this weekend and the beginning of next I doubt we'll get to see each other before I leave for another debaucherous weekend in Killington. I was hoping for at least dinner but neither of us has a free night in the next couple of days. Grrrr. The idea of getting together is more for my own benefit than anything else...a reminder of the fact that I have a good thing going back here in Pennsyltucky and I shouldn't do anything stupid to ruin it.

Then again, what happens in another state, stays in another state. Or so I'm told.


mr. helpful said...

i spy an opportunity to here.

if youre not sure about the status of the relationship, why not just come right out and ask him?

if youre worried about scaring him away with premature "boyfriend/girlfriend" relationship talk then i think you're being too cautious. you're already somewhere in the realm of "boyfriend/girlfriend" anyways, as near as i can tell.

after all, as you put it, you ended last night's meeting with a "nice long kiss". i know im a bit older than you and things apparently are a little different nowadays however, where i come from, platonic friends dont engage in "nice long kisses" at the end of get togethers.

and, in my opinion, any guy who engages in such behavior while sending out mixed signals in the form of mysterious pronouncements like "we need to talk" but then "not talking about whatever needs to be talked about" is NOT worth your time, effort and passion.

so i think you should ask him directly AND reference his previous statement that you and he "needed to talk".

i dont think that makes you "needy"...i think that makes you "smart"...

George said...

I second that advice..

agategoddess said...

Thank you Mr. Helpful, as always, you have been very helpful in getting my butt moving in the right direction.

We're going to get together within the next day or so before I head of to Killington. I'll keep you posted if anything happens.

George said...

Wait a minute...
"Friend is a four letter word"
Did you quote that from a Cake song?
It just hit me, I heard the song in my head when I read that again...

agategoddess said...

You got me...I've been going back to some CD's I haven't listened to in a long time and Cake just happened to be one of the more recent.

It was just too appropriate for me to pass up!