Wednesday, February 08, 2006

No, that's not me on the slopes. Although the potential is there what with my wonky knees and need for a refresher course.

Tomorrow at this time I'll be heading north with the Room Mates, Stupid Girlfriend and friend of Room Mate #2, Jeff. I'm excited to get the trip under way. Winter is my favorite season of the year (hellooo, more layers to hide the fat) and there is no better way to spend a weekend in February than hurtling oneself down the side of a mountain, wind whipping through your hair, snow pelting your goggles and every care and worry in the world left behind like the pine trees on either side of you.

Ahhhh, skiing.

I was plesantly surprised to find out that my cousin and some of his buddies will be nearby and overlapping their stay with ours by a day or two. We made plans to get together and party a little bit (he's only six years older). It was also discovered that some of Room Mate #1's old college room mates will be in Killington at the same time, sharing a house with 15 other people. I'm excited to see them since 1) I hven't seen some of the guys in almost five or six years and 2) the hottest of his former room mates will be in attendance.

Hubba hubba.

The potential is there for a blowout of epic proportions.

With that my blogger friends I bid you adieu. We return late, late, late Sunday night so heaven only knows when I'll get around to regaling you with tales of too much beer and too little skiing.

FYI- You know who has not called, emailed, IMed, etc. since Saturday. SATURDAY. Sigh. He was all gung ho about being together before I go and then...nothing. Why must we play these stupid games? Grrr. We originally had planned on getting together this coming Monday since I'm off to recover from the trip. Stay tuned to see if that actually happens or if I do finally decide to convert to Catholicism, become a nun and turn away from men forever.


Because things have been relatively quiet at work, I have had quite some time to tool around the blogosphere and in doing so have stumbled upon these wonderful bits (which will also be added to the links at the right). Like my mom says, sharing is a good thing:

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Denise said...

OK, I'm going to give you advice that I would never take for myself but which I absolutely KNOW is correct: you need to call Mr. Mister and tell him that YOU need to talk to HIM, then ask him to explain his recent funky behavior.