Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oh, so that's where I put those muscles

Day one was supposed to start early. Up at 6:30 a.m., dressed, breakfast and on the way to the slopes by 8.

Notice the words "supposed to."

I was one of the first ones 7. Since no one else was stirring I snuggled in a little bit more under the covers on my sofa bed and dozed until I heard signs of life from the others. Gradually the rest of the house woke up and soon we were on our way to get lift tickets and rentals. At 10 a.m.

Lucky for us everything is relatively close.

Before long we were heading up the lift to the top of Snowshead (click on the map to see the trails). It's one of the easiest trails there, yet still manages to kick the ass of the local mole hill here in South Central Pennsyltucky. But I digress. The four of us (Room Mate's #1, #2, Jeff and I) did a run to test things out, check the snow conditions and see how busy things were in general.

Dear God, if there is a ski resort in heaven, let it be just like Killington.

I was so excited I nearly schmutzed myself.

Seeing as how I hadn't been on ski's in nearly a year, I wanted to stick close to the easy stuff so with plans to meet up around 1:30 in the Lookout Tavern right inside the lodge the guys took off for other parts of the mountain while I hung around Snowshead and some of the other trails nearby.

Many trips on the quad lift and a very wonderful conversation with the hottie Bulgarian manning the lift later, I was getting tired. It was only 12:45 but I went in anyway to wait for the guys.

I sidled up to the bar, put my gloves and goggles on the bar in front of me...and promptly fell off the stool when I tried to bend over to pick my hat up off the ground. Sigh. Just call me Bridget. The bartenders got a good laugh out of it so at least I provided some amusement for someone. Paul, one of the friendly guys behind the bar, offered me a beer to soothe the embarassment and I gladly accepted. Eventually my food came, I enjoyed a nice liesurely lunch and I drank a beer but still no sign of the guys.

Finally, around 2:15ish, I gathered my stuff, bid Paul a goodbye and headed back out again. I sure as hell wasn't going to waste valuable ski time waiting for the guys to get their slacker asses back to the lodge.

As the sun was starting to go down I did a few more runs before the lifts closed at 4 (no night skiing in Vermont) then settled in with a cafe mocha to wait for the guys to come back. It wasn't long before they showed up, offering excuses as to why they missed lunch (they had taken trails over to Bear Mountain) and chattering nonstop about their day.

When I was asked about how mine went I kept the reply short and sweet.

"I didn't fall. And I met a hot Bulgarian operating one of the lifts."

They all rolled their eyes and went back to talk of soreness and who would get the jacuzzi tub first.

Once we all showered, rested and drank some more we headed out for a late dinner. I went to stand up on the way out and nearly sat back down again. There's a reason why skiers have such strong calf muscles...and why I don't. Those puppies were screaming at me. On the way back home I called the jacuzzi tub and Mr. Bubble. If I wanted to move the next day I would need it.

Bedtime came early with dreams of hot Bulgarians and skiing down the mountain like Picabo Street.


I'm sorry the tales of the weekend are taking so long to get posted. With work being super busy and other stress going on (not all of it Mr. M related, all though he is about 75% of it) I just can't find the time or energy to type it all out. More will come soon.

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