Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blue skies smiling at me

Today the weather here is just gorgeous. Sunshine, bright blue skies and just enough of a nip in the air to need a scarf. Perfect winter weather. (picture swiped from here)

Good thing I don't have to work...mwah, ha, ha, ha.

Words can not describe how good it felt to finally get a day to sleep in and be lazy. This morning I didn't open my eyes until well after 11 a.m., which for me is usually a good portion of my day. The only obligations ahead of my were my menu test retake for the part-time (like I'm supposed to learn the whole menu inside and out in 3 days. I usually can't remember what I did yesterday). That's it. Originally my plan was to hang out here at the house after my test, do some much needed housework and just relax all night.

Then I turned my phone on last night after work to find a text message from Friend J.

We hadn't spoken in quite some time. He's busy with his own job and what with me now working two, even though he lives just two blocks away, it's still hard for us to get together like we used to. So he had messaged me to let me know he had a new cell number and say hi.

He's thoughtful like that when he wants to be.

We texted back and forth a little bit and made plans to talk later. I had assumed later would mean in a day or two (using boy time here). He called around 11:30 this morning. We had a nice long chat about work and other things. Then he mentioned he worked tonight. Since I really didn't have anything to do I thought I'd drive over for some dinner.

The idea of asking Former Room mate to come along came to mind. After I left the restaurant I called. No answer but I left a message anyway, just in case she didn't have any plans for tonight. About a half an hour later she called back. She had no plans and wanted to come along.

Woo-hoo! I love spontaneous outings like this with good friends. And god only knows I need a good girls night out to discuss various events that have or more precisely have not occured recently.

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