Friday, March 24, 2006

Hi, I mean Delaware

There's nothing better than a road trip.

Except maybe a road trip with a good friend that promises lots of drinking and high jinks at the end of it.

Every spring while I was still at the former favorite job, Lyzz and I would usher in the new season with a two hour road trip to Wilmington, Del. for the Wilmington Writer's Conference. The head honcho's consider it "professional development". For me, it was a chance to get behind the wheel and spend one night on the company's dollar in another city, with countless possibilites available for drunken debauchery.

Since I've left the former favorite job though, I haven't made the annual pilgrimage to Wilmington. Last year I was still working at the Lobster but my wonderful friends still managed to drunk call me. Hearing all of them having a good time made me miss it even more. This year, when things went south with Mr. M, Lyzz suggested I join her and her room mate for the weekend.

I must admit, I was a little hesitant at first.

I mean, really, I've kind of given up on the whole writing thing so what are some seminars going to do for me? Nothing. There are some other mitigating circumstances that I don't want to get into on the blog that were making me reconsider too. What if I got down there and ran into someone I really couldn't handle seeing?

Then, as she usually does, Little Sis put it all into perspective. "For the love of God, just go! Who cares who's there. Go, drink, have a good time and for once don't worry about it."

I have no idea how my little sister got to be so smart.

With that, at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow I will depart for Wilmington, Del. with a case of Yuengling Lager in my trunk, a small overnight bag in my back seat and a smile on my face. Because nothing makes me happier than a road trip.

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