Friday, March 31, 2006

Oh, it's already been brought

This time of the year is one of my favorites. Warm weather, sunshine and the intersection of three of my favorite sports seasons. Why, it's enough to make a girl just giddy with excitement.

This weekend I'll be glued to the television as the NCAA Tournament winds down. Holy bracket busters, Batman. Who knew we'd be going into the Final Four with a line up of UCLA, LSU, George Mason and Florida? I mean, George freaking Mason! My brackets were done after the second round and then my beloved Dukies got sent home in the Sweet essentially it was all over for me.

At least UNC didn't get very far. Does my Blue Devil heart good.

Major League Baseball's opening day is this coming Monday. Room mate #1 has purchased season tickets for the O's again so we will be trecking down to Camden Yards for the day. Already there's good news coming from Charm City as Mrs. Benson is filing for divorce from my new favorite pitcher (god only knows the Birds could use at least one) Kris Benson. Also word has it that Future Husband #2 (after Colin Farrell, of course) will be in the lineup. Grrrr....

Hockey season is heading toward playoffs and let me tell you, my Av's are looking good. With any luck, Aebischer and Future Husband #3 along with scoring from Hejduk will take them to the Cup.

Is it any wonder this girl gets so excited when spring has finally sprung? To hell with the flowers, birds and bees it's playoff season baby!

Now, if only I could find a man to watch all these games with...

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