Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Busy Bee

Originally this post was going to start out going on and on (like I have the bad habit of doing) about how busy I've been of late. About how I'm hardly ever home or that my room mates and I went four days without seeing each other. I was going to touch on the fact that lack of sleep is turning me into a zombie on most days. That I've been forced to switch to the large size cup at Sheetz.

But instead I'm going to go a different route.

I had a date last night. Not just a date, but a second date. Do any of the three of you who still read this thing know how long it's been since I've gotten to the second date? Let's just say I think Bill Clinton was still in office.

Much like one of my favorite reads, the soon to be published Breakup Babe, I've found out the hard way that it's often best to keep any budding romance off of the blog. So I will. For now. Let me just say this though. I've never felt more comfortable with someone else. Usually I'm all keyed up and jittery in the presence of someone I fancy. No, this one is different. I'm more inclined to be relaxed. To just go with the flow if you will.

I'm not sure but this may turn out to be the most adult relationship I've had.

Then again I could be jumping the gun.

I'll let you know after we have our third date next week.


Ellie said...

Good luck on your 3rd date.

agategoddess said...

Thanks ellie. Our schedules are both pretty full making the whole getting together thing a little tough. It's hard to get to know someone when you don't get much face time.

We'll see though. Just maybe this time things might work out.