Friday, April 14, 2006

Just freaking do it already

About two years ago this month I ran my first 5k race.

Up until that time I had always shied away from any kind of running unless it was on the soccer field. Or I was being chased. Beyond that I was never the intentionally provide movement with my own two feet type.

Then Former room mate and I did L.A. Weightloss.

We both lost a crap load of weight ( I was down about 40lbs and she lost even more) which prompted the both of us to use the gym at our apartment more. The more we lost, the more we were there. I was on the treadmill walking one day when it just didn't seem like it was doing much for me workout wise. So I amped up the speed and did some time at a jog (around a 5.2 on the speed). It felt good. Really good.

One of my former coworkers is an avid runner, participates in regular races, zips off 10 miles no of those guys. He turned me on to the Cool Running website where I found the Couch to 5k program. It eases the novice runner into running by alternating running and walking for certain periods of time until your walking time is totally cut out. It's pretty easy to follow. Hell I did it the first time, so anyone should be able to handle it.

After I ran that race I was all pumped about continuing my running.

Then I took on another job.

And I injured my knee during hockey season.

And it got cold.

And it rained once or twice.

And I need new shoes.

And you see where this is going right? One excuse after the other. Until, well, I just happened to step on the scale this morning and had a major meltdown about the number that showed up. Guh. I knew I had been putting on some of the weight again. Clothes that were once a little loose were a little snug. Clothes that were a little snug, were, well to say the least relegated to the back of my closet.

So I decided to get back on the horse again and do the program. More for myself than anyone else. The new guy in fact told me he likes my curves and appreciates the "junk in the trunk". But it's time. I need to do something. This last hockey season was not one of my best. I'm the first to admit I was out of shape. Didn't quite make it to the puck as fast as I had been. Suicides were pretty much torture.

But just maybe, if I start out slow and get myself going again, I can get that "runner's high" Oh my god did I really just run 5k without stopping feeling again.

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