Sunday, April 25, 2004

Well, I did it! I ran in my first 5k and not only did I survive and finish but I didn't finish last! Officially I came in 163rd place out of 211 with a time of 35:16. No too shabby for my first time out. That means I was doing around an 11 minute mile. I completely ROCK! When I got home I posted my time on my bib number and hung it on the refrigerator.

Now I understand "runner's high" and the feeling you get when you're hitting the last 300 feet, the finish line is in sight and people are cheering you on. Nothing like it in the world. I can honestly say I'm going to stick with this running thing. It's become addictive! Not only that but now I have this total sense of accomplishment. Like I could conquer the world if I wanted too. Talk about feeling empowered! I needed that. I needed to have that shot of self-confidence because let me tell you, I have a whole new outlook today. Oh, I know how corny that sounds and you all must be thinking, but Agategoddess, it's only one freaking race!

That's the point. I set out to do something and I did it. I set a goal and it actually happened!

After the race I didn't have much time to rest. The rest of my day was spent at the Lobster, trying to earn some dinero to support my hockey habit. Practices and clinics for next season are fast approaching and I need to make sure I have some money in the bank to pay for it all. Next week I'm picking up some extra hours at job #1 so that will help a great deal too. Speaking of today has been absolutely crazy. Lots of news going on. The biggie was a hostage/shooting/double fatal incident in the southern part of the county. Check out our website for more. I wasn't involved in the reporting of this one but I'll still have two bylines in tomorrow's edition. Nothing too big but a big step in the right direction.

Tuesday is the Maroon5 concert. A chance for me to act like I'm a college student again and just have a banging time. Bring on the good times baby, bring 'em on.

On that note I leave you with this classic Friday Five from April 2003:

1. What was the first band you saw in concert? The Jets (not the current Jets, the cheesy family band from the late 80's).

2. Who is your favorite artist/band now?U2 baby! Woo-hoo!

3. What's your favorite song?Toughie. All time would be U2's classic "Still haven't found what I'm looking for". I've become partial to the Stereophonics lately though and love "Since I Told You It's Over" from their You Gotta Go There To Come Back CD. I am also partial to several of the singles from Sarah McLachlan's Afterglow CD.

4. If you could play any instrument, what would it be?Guitar or piano.

5. If you could meet any musical icon (past or present), who would it be and why?Only one? How about three instead? First would be "Mama" Cass Elliot (from the Mamas and the Pappa's). That woman could belt it out and she had so much zest for life. Next it's a close tie between Bono (for obvious reasons) and John Lennon. Why Lennon? The man was a musical genius. That and I love the Beatles, curtesy of my parents penchant for music from the 60s.

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