Friday, May 19, 2006

Diagnosis, good

As it turns out, I'm going to live after all.

This morning, after getting almost 12 hours of sleep ( I called off from the part time last night) I woke to my alarm, got dressed and headed off to work. Then I started getting the chills. And broke out into a fever. And passed out at my desk...just as one of my bosses was walking by.

She demanded I go home right away.

Instead I went to my new doctor. He gave me the once over and determined two things. One, I had strepthroat (which I've never experienced before in my life) and two, I had a bad case of allergies on top of that. Sigh.

So now I'm on pills as big as my head to cure the strep and sleeping like a maniac on the couch. On the plus side, I'm subsisting on popsicles so that's a bonus and I have no appetite so hey, by the end of this thing I may actually lose some more weight.

1 comment:

Chad said...

Sounds like the bird flu to me!!! :-)