Monday, May 08, 2006

Nothing, really

As usual my weekend revolved around work. And since I am now officially on some secret do not date list being passed amongst every male on the face of the earth, I have no interesting stories to relay.

So on that note, I present you with a meme I swiped from this wonderful lady in the Big Apple. Although we have never met, I'd like to think we'd be friends. O.k. that sounds kind of stalkerish but you catch my drift.

The A-Z of Agategoddess:

Accent: South Central Pennsyltucky. It's this weird melange of Northeastern nasaliness with a little bit of south of the Mason Dixon line twang. Occassionally my southern roots (Mom's family is originally from North Carolina) come barrelling out and I sound like I belong on a porch somewhere complaining of having the vapors while sipping a mint julep.
Booze: More of a beer girl than liquor. Although I've been known to go through stages of interest in rum or vodka.
Chore I Hate: Anything involving plants or planting. I don't nurture green things, I kill them.
Dogs/Cats: Both. Althouh I'm more partial to the puppies.
Essential Electronics: Computer, DVR, cell phone and MP3 player.
Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Tommy Girl. But I'm looking for something else at the moment. Gold/Silver: Silver. I'm not fussy.
Hometown: York, PA
Insomnia: Every now and then. Usually corresponds to an increase in my stress level.
Job Title: Obit/Legal Team at the full time. Hostess/Guest whipping post at the part time.
Kids: Love other people's, you can play with them, sugar them up and give them back. May have one someday.
Living Arrangements: With two very messy male room mates in a house with only one bathroom. And a dog.
Most Admired Trait: Patience. Mainly because I have none.
Number of Sexual Partners: Yeah right. There's no way I'm posting that. I know some of the people who read this.
Overnight Hospital Stays: Not counting the 5 hours it took to diagnos my first round of kidney stones, never had one.
Phobia: Spending the rest of my life alone. Or ending up as the crazy cat lady on the corner yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off my damn lawn.
Quote: Hmmm...don't really have one. I guess my all time favorite would have to be from Gone With The Wind "After all, tomorrow is, another day." *cue music swell*
Religion: Raise Methodist. Not so much anymore.
Siblings: One younger sister
Time I usually wake up: Around 5:45 or 6ish a.m. weekedays. As long as I don't have to be at the part-time it's more like 9 or 10 on the weekends.
Unusual talents: I play ice hockey, which should definitely count because on most days I can't even chew gum and walk at the same time. Oh and for some reason I have this knack for being able to fix most of the machines in the office.
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Lima beans...blech.
Worst Habit: Impatience with life and jumping off the deep end about the stupidest things.
X-Rays: A few, mainly of either of my knees and my shoulder.
Yummy Foods I Make: I'm well known for my chocolate chip cookies and sweet potato pie.
Zodiac Sign: Saggittarius

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