Friday, May 12, 2006

Wheels on the bus go round and round

This weekend will be spent in the company of 110 high school kids, on a school bus for this year's rendition of the high school band trip.

Someone check my sanity and maybe have an MRI done for me?

Sweet moses what am I getting myself into. Wait a minute, this means they consider me a responsible adult. Ha! Maybe they should be the ones getting the MRI.

The itinerary for the weekend includes participating in the Preakness Parade in Balmore (as those charming Baltimorians call it) Saturday, then rounding up everyone to go to our hotel somewhere near D.C. where we will change into semi-dressy attire for a show at the Kennedy Center. After a night of sharing a room with two people I am really weirded out about sharing a room with (one is a former teacher, the other a former guard student now instructor with me).

Sunday hinges on the weather. No rain means a day of roller coasters and general merriment at Kings Dominion before heading home. Rain means we're let loose in the Tyson's Corner Shopping Center which, as luck would have it has a Coach store. Which would have a certain purse that I have been salivating over for the past month.

If it rains, you can bet mamma's gonna have a brand new bag.

Financially irresponsible? Yes. But oh so totally worth it.

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