Monday, June 26, 2006

Elements of a good weekend

Because my throat is still sore from this weekend's double lineup of concerts and my recovery period has been extended to today, I offer up a list of what made this past weekend so rocking:

- Little Sis finally made it back to Pennsyltucky after three years of living 8 hours away. Not only is it nice to have her back, but it's also nice to know we can slip back into our bickering arguing selves within 20 minutes of her return.

- Friday night's Jeffrey Gaines (yes, that would the Jeffrey Gaines of "In Your Eyes" fame from the the 90s) gig. Originally I was in attendendance to see
my new favorite band and a certain keyboard player but let me tell you, Mr. Gaines puts on a heck of a show. His ability to relate to the crowd is not something to be overlooked.

- The 1hr 45 minute drive north to a wedding reception/bbq thrown by my friend Ann and her husband Kevin. Long story short, they got married in March in front of a small crowd in NYC (they live in Manhattan) but threw a banging shin-dig for everyone else at Kevin's parents place way out in the boonies. When I say way out in the boonies, I mean so far out in the boonies I was forced to stop and let a chicken cross the road in front of me. A good number of my old high school friends and their spouses were there so the trip was well worth it for the catching up time and general goofiness that ensued.

- My first time at the MMC. Saturday night I dragged Friend J to the 'Burg for the main purpose of seeing my new favorite band (can you say groupie?) headline on the one stage. My god did they ROCK! Hands down one of their best performances. The CD drops in July so please, please, please go out and check it out. But I digress. The real delight of the night was in the other bands we managed to catch. Fools and Horses. Bridges and a Bottle. Casey Desmond. All quality acts. If you ever find yourself in the corner of Pennsyltucky at this time next year, go to MMC. It's worth every penny.

- Not having a voice today or yesterday. With all of the yelling and screaming I did Saturday, my voice is shot. But oh man, was it worth it.

I will be house sitting for the next 10 days while Former Room mate attends a conference in Orlando. Seeing as how I am now living for the next 10 days next door to the hottest keyboard player this side of the Susquehanna, I'm sure hilarity and embarassment will ensue. Particularly at my expense.

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