Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The excitement never stops

Last night work started like normal. I clocked in, looked around the restaurant and realized it was going to be a long night. Boring. Not much going on. Then the bar area caught on fire. It wasn't anything major, mind you, just a little electrical fire in the main cooler but enough of an issue to make my manager evacuate the building (much to the grumbling of our guests) and wait for the fire trucks to show up.

I wasn't sure whether to save the beer or save the guests first.

Because it's something of a cultural thing in this neck of Pennsyltucky, we had trucks arrive from five different stations. Three of which were volunteers, the other two full time. While we waited for the all clear, the servers, hosts and bartenders took the opportunity to smoke or make phone calls. Or try to get pictures of Chuck, one of our regulars who also just happens to work for the one fire station that showed up. He started joking around with all of us and offered up a striptease for the ladies (I must admit, he is pretty freaking hot). The dollar bills instantly went into the air.

I just laughed and shook my head.

We had the all clear soon after that and started shepherding the guests back into the restaurant. It took us awhile to get everything sorted out as some new people arrived in all the excitement. Once we settled back into the night the crew just stayed wound up. We were "crazy" running around the building, dancing in the kitchen and in some cases like I happened to be, ended up being waltzed and dipped right out in the lobby. Like I said, never a dull moment.

When I got home I found that He had emailed me again.

Honestly, I don't know what to do. Yes, I do miss the times we had but that was almost two years ago. I'm passed that. And when we spoke on the phone the other night I let him know I wasn't sitting around pining for him. There had been others. I'm not that kind of girl. Once I get passed someone, I'm usually done. It's just the getting beyond that I sometimes have problems with. I had the impression that the poor guy was slightly offended by what I said but hey, it's best to be honest in these situations, right? Sigh. The fact that he's in Florida helps me to keep my distance emotionally. It's like the physical distance is enough to hold my heart back too and help my brain remind it that it's not prudent.

But every now and then my heart puts the earbuds in, jacks up the U2 and starts looking for cheap flights to Sarasota in November.

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