Friday, June 09, 2006

My head feels like an anvil

Summertime when I was kid meant only one thing: me, stuck inside with regular doses of Benadryl forced down my throat and a cold washcloth across my eyes.

Somewhere along the way I developed allergies. Pollen, ragweed, freshly cut grass, you name it, it caused me to become a sneezing, red eyed, lethargic ball of goo. As I got older, I still had the sneezing but eventually the other symptoms dissapated. It wasn't unusual for me to carry a pack of Claritan and a box of tissues with me everywhere I went during Spring Semester when I was in college.

Now, I still have the allergies. At this stage of the game though my head tends to throb due to sinus issues, I sneeze every five freaking seconds and I tend to lose my voice. Much like today. And last night.

This Friday is another unexpected night off. You can bet your bippy after I take the dog to the vet, this girl is going to be spending a quiet night at home. Bring on the Benadryl and thank the heavens I've got the house all to myself tonight.

I've got visions of me, flat out on the couch and they are lovely.

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