Friday, July 14, 2006

Girls who wear glasses

I've been wearing glasses since the 4th grade.

Imagine the trauma of not only moving from the only house you've ever known, leaving all of your school buddies behind for a new district and being forced to make new friends combined with being told you need glasses.

I was not happy.

There were many days at the beginning when I would conveniently "forget" my specs. My mom would usually remind me in so many words before I even made it to the car that I didn't have my glasses. In middle school, when the kids become so much more cruel I would often take them off for pictures. Hence many photo's of me during that period where I thought I was looking at the camera but instead was looking to the left or right of it.

All through high school I begged for contacts. Every excuse in the book was thrown out there. I play sports and it's easier to play field hockey without pushing up my glasses every 5 seconds. Do you know how hard it is to spin my flag (band front) with these things on? I look like such a DORK! Didn't work. The standfast rule was that when I could afford them on my own, that was when I could get them.

Heck, I even blamed my glasses as the reason I didn't go on dates, you know that old saying, guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses?

After my benefits kicked in at my first real job, no lie, I made an appointment the next day and was the proud owner of new contacts within a week. Finally.

As I'm getting older though, I'm enjoying my glasses, if nothing more for the fact that putting the contacts in after a long night out is a real bitch. Not that I would know about that...ahem. To me they're a sign of maturity and dare I say, I think on some days I look better with them on.

So here it is, a pic of me in my new glasses. I heart them a lot...


Denise said...

Fabulous accessory and daily essential for proper vision all rolled into one - good for you!!!

mr. helpful said...

that's a good look, dudette