Friday, July 07, 2006


is it so freaking hard to just pick up the ever loving phone and just tell me you don't want to see me?

Jesus Mary and Joseph.

That's all I'm asking. Heck, even if you wanted to call while I was at work, when my cell phone is in the off position and I don't get my messages until way later, that would be fine too. Just don't ignore me. Don't marginalize me. Just don't.

At this point, I would even accept an email. Or post it note (a la Sex In The City).

That's all I'm asking for, because right now, ignoring me is not the way to go.


The nunnery is looking better and better...


mr. helpful said... sorry dude...i tried to call but i was trapped under something heavy and then i had to wash my hair and then i had to go to an emergency meeting the monks called at the monastery.


heh heh heh

agategoddess said...

O.k., but don't let it happen again ;)

mr. helpful said...

you're so forgiving...

heh heh heh