Thursday, August 17, 2006

Only sort of kind of on vacay

Hey kids, just popping by during my down time today to let you know, yes I'm still alive and no, Collin Farrell did not finally come to his senses and whisk me away to Ireland for a three day long shag fest.

Instead, I've been doing something much less camp.

Last year I was called into service by my former instructor who needed some help getting her group, shall we say, so work together. We actually ended up having a decent season (they compete as well as provide entertainment at football games) that culminated in a band trip in May. And also ruined me from ever riding on a school bus again, but I digress.

We started practing for the upcoming season again this week and my days have been full of marching, counting beats for the uncoordinated and avoiding badly tossed silk poles. What better way is there to spend my last vacation days? Well I can think of a few, most of which involve me traveling somewhere, a cabana boy and a constant supply of strawberry daquiries.

Tomorrow it's back to the office but really, the idea of being on that football field is more appealing by the minute.

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Sassy Sandy said...

Awwww band camp!! That's awesome!! So so so so so many memories associated.... Maybe once I get my teaching degree, a band director from my employers-school will ask me for some help....

Have Fun!!