Friday, September 01, 2006

Come Hell or high water

Only one shot. That's it. Labor Day weekend. This year I only have one shot to be on the beach, enjoying the sun, playing in the waves and making sand castles. And this weekend, is it.

Back in May, Work Friend A and I discussed making a trip to North Carolina. Wilmington, to be exact. Her boyfriend (or whatever he is) is just about to leave the military and she wanted to go visit one more time. We had done the trip before, driving eight hours one way for a weekend. She got to see her man, I was able to spend some time with Little Sis. This time we made plans to go be tourists. I'd show her around Wilmington a little and we'd hit the beach somewhere close. Short and sweet.

And wouldn't you know it, a freaking hurrican just happens to hit right round the time we're leaving on our trip. Ernesto made landfall about 50 miles away from where we're going. There's flooding and some other nastiness going on around the area. But it's not as bad as I thought it would be, so we're still going.
At 3 p.m. today we'll be departing on our vacation, heading south against heaven only knows what. I'm thinking it may take us longer than usual to get down there. But that's just a hunch.

This isn't the first time a major weather event has buggered up a trip for me. A few years ago when some friends and I went to Toronto we drove home in a major snow storm that made what should have been a 7 hour trip 14. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should stop planning my road trips so far in advance.

With that, I must leave you and get back to work. But just in case we would happen to get stranded along the side of the road in bumfuck NC and no one finds us for a few days, here's a picture of moi with the hottest keyboard player around from the night of the CD release party. At least you could say I died happy...

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