Thursday, October 12, 2006

I just...

I just sat here and wrote out a whole, long winded post about how once, I was in love. How in all of my 30 (almost 31) years on this planet, I have been in love, once. That one time, I let my guard down, let someone in and opened my heart like I never had before. Loved with reckless abandon.

And it was for nothing.

Because that one time, was probably it for me. But due to bad timing or just some fucked up cosmic sense of humor, it didn't happen. And now, well, now my heart still aches. This is several years after the fact...and I haven't been able to let anyone back in since. It's just easier to block them out. Not try. Keep my heart to myself.

But I deleted it, because there are other things in my life I should be happy about.

If only I would let myself...

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