Saturday, October 14, 2006

It occured to me over a nice cup of tea and an episode of The Office

We regularly record the Thursday night shows at my abode. Because of room mate #1's insistance that we get Dishnetwork two years ago, the DVR is full of our favorite shows from The Office to Bones to Project Runway (I've got them hooked).

Thursday night, after I had the pity party, I made myself some tea and settled in for a marathon of catching up. The guys were gone (working) and it was just the dog and I, firmly entrenched on the couch.

I started with Project Runway, getting caught up on the preperations for Bryant Park and the backstabbing (I think Jeffrey had some help, but not as much as Laura is insinuating.). Then moved on to The Office. I'm loving the story arc aroub Jim being in Stamford. And yes, because I'm a girl and we tend to overthink things, it got me thinking. What is holding me here? No, really, what is keeping me in this corner of Pennsyltucky? Why do I insist on staying in a place that holds painful memories and no way to escape them? The easy answer is my family...sure, I love my family. They drive me nuts on a daily basis but I love them. And I'm excited about being an auntie in January but seriously, beyond my friends ( who I love like family) there is nothing here for me.

So I'm starting the job/moving process again. There are several parts of this country that I would love to live in...and the Big Guy willing, I'll be in one of them within the next year because it really just isn't working for me anymore.

And sometimes, you just need to take matters into your own hands.

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Anonymous said...

I hear Ohio is nice this time of year.