Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I wasn't paying attention as I rounded the corner from the bathroom and ran right into him. Considering his height and my, short stature, it was more like my face into his stomach.

"Oh jeez, Former Co-Worker now Current Co-Worker I had a One Night Fling With, I didn't hear you coming!"

"You o.k.?" He extracted his arms from around me, put there to keep me from falling over.

We had spent the last (almost) two years generally avoiding each other, not making eye contact and making sure we weren't in the same room alone. Not that anything would have happened again. Oh god, no. I can find better things to do with 15 minutes of my day...ahem. Mainly out of embarassment, at least on my part.

He looked me up and down and said in a whisper (his live-in girlfriend of ironically, 2 year, also works in the office.) "You look good. I always liked it when you wore v-necks."

I had chosen to wear one of my more plunging necklines today and since I have been blessed with the chest size from my mother's size of the family, the girls were peeking out a little.

I smirked, knowing full well his girlfriend could be walking down the hall that very minute.

"Thanks. You look pretty good yourself. Did the girlfriend give you that tie for Christmas?"

And I walked away.

Some mistakes need to remain buried. Especially in the office.


kate said...

Nice. I should take lessons from you. I probably would have pissed myself and ran away, muttering "yes yes yes"

Great comeback!

agategoddess said...

Thanks Kate! I was feeling rather saucey yesterday, so that one came to me a little easier than usual :)