Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's on like a fat kid on a piece of cake

War has been declared at my house. All out, no holds barred, people being locked in the basement war. One morning too many of Room mate #2 slipping into the bathroom for his 30 minute long primping sessions (why he needs so long, I have no idea and honestly don't want to know what goes on in there) has caused me to be the Germany to his U.S.

And this time, Deutchland will come out the victor!

This morning was the last straw. I was 10 minutes late getting to work and for me, that is a big deal. My mother is of the opinion that you always show up at least five minutes early for everything and that overwhelmeing drive to be on time for appointments, work, movies, anything that has a time table was drilled into my little head early on. Me being late because someone else is taking their sweet-ass time in the shower is unacceptable.

So now, it's on.

Room mate #2 lives in the basement and thanks to the very old house we live in, I can easily lock him down there until I'm done. Ahem. I also have acces to his alarm clock which can very easily be set about 15 minutes later than normal. This boy is messing with the wrong one. I have no second thoughts about even turning his alarm off completely.

Over the top? Maybe. But for the love of god, if he wants to get in the shower then do it earlier. I have been on the same damn schedule every morning for the last two years. It doesn't change. And yes, I admit, I could get up a little earlier too but really, I do believe I have dibs since I'm the one with the set schedule.


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