Friday, May 25, 2007


I had not intended on posting today, then while I was at my mother's house, we got some bad news.

My grandmother has breast cancer.

Considering she just recently celebrated her 85th birthday and only just recently had her first mamogram, I guess that is actually pretty amazing. Still, it's that word...cancer. I've lost so many people, both family (my grandfather and great-grandmother just two name two) and almost family (my god-mother) that just hearing that word sends so many emotions and thoughts running through my head.

I'm scared for my grandma. Yes, she's 85 and has lived a longer fuller life than most of her friends and family. She's lived to see great-grandchildren and many more generations added to my family than most people do. But she's my grandmother...the one person in my family I can't bear to even think about losig right now. I have a lot of her disposition, her temper, her goofy sense of humor, her smile. To be honest the one I run to first when I need to talk about the serious stuff.

And I'm scared for myself too. Because now, this means breast cancer is in my family. Like a big monster hiding in the corner. And before this, as usually happens when something like this happens, it comes out about other family members who have died from it. Great-Grandma Mamie. Great-Great-Aunt Kate. And heaven only knows how many others. My health *knock on wood* with the exception of the anemia and my trick knees has always been pretty good. Now though, now I need to be even more careful. Add one more thing to the list of many that is passed along from both sides, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure...and now breast cancer.

So please, I'm sendingthis out to the blogosphere, keep her in your prayers. Because right now, that's all we can do. Cross our fingers and pray.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry...both for her and for you.

Both of you will be in my prayers.