Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Long weekend = relaxation

It's not very often that my weekends aren't filled to the gills with things to do. Even after quitting my part time, I still find that my weekends become busy either hanging out with friends or getting projects done around the house.

This past weekend though, I actually relaxed. A little.

Friday night J stopped by with some wine he had made himself. After the news I had received from my mother about my grandmother, I needed it. We talked for a little bit then decided to go rent the first two Pirates movies in preparation for our plan to go see the third this coming Friday. It was a nice quiet evening of movie watching and beer drinking (Lancaster Brewing Company's Strawberry Wheat, highly recommended if you can get your hands on it).

The next day I was asked to watch my sister's dogs while she went off to West Virginia with the bro-in-law and my niece for a graduation. I was more than happy to hang out at her place as I knew it would give me some much needed peace and quiet. Unfortunately I also forgot she doesn't have air conditioning at her house. I spent most of my time napping and trying to cool off the house with the window units blowing full blast. Other than one of the dogs getting his head stuck in the fence and the other dragging the blanket from his crate around the house, they were pretty good.

Sunday I went to the movies with TBD. My list of how much I owe him is growing exponentially. He keeps paying for my dinner, drinks, etc. so much so that I feel guilty and told him to stop so I can pay him back when I finally get a paycheck this week. He keeps insisting it's not a big deal, he just likes the company but I hate being indebted to someone.

Yesterday, again, was relatively quiet. I slept in, read the paper and chilled out around the house until my sister called to tell me she was having a cook-out. We spent the time eating (what my family does best), chit-chatting, playing with my niece and watching my sister's dogs do stupid tricks. Eventually everyone cleared out and I found myself back home again, sitting on the couch, watching "You've Got Mail" (one of my guilty pleasure movies) before I went to bed.

Doesn't get more uneventful than that folks. Lately I'm loving those kind of days though, especially since I know my free time will be in short supply once my new part time job gets underway this week. A little peace and quiet is good for the soul every now and then.

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