Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summertime, when a young girl's fancy turns to thoughts of balls

The major tennis season is in full swing, leaving this girl with daydreams of being out on the court at Roland Garros, playing like Maria Sharapova. Only I'm shorter. And fatter. And not that good at tennis.

But a girl can dream, right?

While TBD and I were out at dinner last night I had a hard time concentrating because one of the televisions was tuned in to Andy Roddick's match (which he ultimately lost). And it wasn't just because I was mesmorized by the amazing tennis being played. That man is hottness on clay, grass or all weather surface. He bent over a couple of times and I swear to god it took TBD a few tries to get me refocused. I love athletic guys, and not just because I'm a little sports crazy myself. That build is so damn attractive to me. Prime example, Former One Night Stand and I work in the same office. Now, nothing is or will ever happen again with Former One Night Stand. We just keep running into each other outside of work, like at the gym. Where he's in a sleeveless shirt. And flushed. And sweaty...where was I? Uh, yeah, anyway, let's just say I have a thing for tall dark haired guys who play basketball. Or tennis. Or soccer.

Speaking of athletic types, tonight is my first night of training for the part-time. I'm excited and nervous. I don't think this job is going to be that difficult and anything that gets me a) outside and b) around hot baseball players all summer long has got to be good, right?

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Anonymous said...


How about an update on:

- Your first night of training for the new job; and

- Your appearance at the club with the hot musician type guy.

P.S...You look really damn sexy in your latest flickr pics.