Friday, June 01, 2007

Busier than a one legged man at a butt kicking contest

Sorry for the abbreviated post kids, but my co-worker left sick this morning and I've been swamped all day. Some way to start the weekend, huh?

But never fear, this weekend is jam packed with social activity that is sure to see me doing something stupid while drinking copious amounts of alcohol. The event with the highest potential for embarrassment is tonight, when Hot Musician makes his last appearance with the band. I have my very best low cut, chest showing outfit all planned out (wearing my new best friend, of course, to *ahem* enhance the effect) just to make sure I have his attention.

I play dirty like that.

In the mean time, head on over to Yanks Fan vs. Sox Fan and take great pleasure in the whining of Yanks Fans as the Spank Me's dip ever lower on the food chain in the AL East. Makes my Orioles heart beat a little faster.

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