Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kids these days

This article that ran in our local morning paper, disturbs me. For those of you who don't follow the link, let me give you the brief rundown. Over the weekend local police did a curfew sweep (anyone under the age of 18 is to be off the streets from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m.) that grabbed about 60+ kids ranging in age from 7-17. Yeah, that's right, 7-17. What they were doing out and about in the wee hours of the morning, I have no idea. The worst part is that the PARENTS (if you want to call them that) were ticked off they had to come in and pick up their kids...and it wasn't the kids they were ticked off at. Oh no. It was the police they gave a hard time to.

Give me a freaking break!

I am so disgusted by this culture of blame it on somebody else that has developed over the years. Take some freaking responsibility for your actions and act like a damn parent. Heelllloooo, you're the ADULT here. Not their best friend, you're the one in charge. Sweet Moses does it get my blood boiling when I read stuff like this. Oh, and trust me, I see it at the schools I work with during band season too. Something doesn't go their way and right away it's off to mommy and daddy to make it all better. When I was in school my parents expected me to accept the consequences of my actions and if I did something that got me in trouble, well, let's just say that didn't happen too often because I had a nice healthy fear of my parents. And it wasn't because we were threatened or they laid a finger on us (I only had my butt beaten once as a kid and that was all it took). All my dad had to do was say how disappointed he was in me and that was enough to send me into a crying fit of misery.

Yes, I know, not all parents are like those in the story. Most are responsible, involved, caring people who truly want the best for their kids. Still, I think we're raising a generation of whiny cry babies. It's time these kids start learning the difference between right and wrong and how to fend for themselves.

These kids are the ones that are going to be in charge in the next 20 years...and frankly I'm a little scared.

*steps off of soapbox and goes back to reading PerezHilton.com*

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