Sunday, August 26, 2007

Here's the dilly

I have survived yet another year of band camp with most of my sanity intact and only a portion of my adult ability to hold down an educated discussion. It never fails, I get back around the kids again and suddenly I'm discussin the lastest drama on The Hills or using phrases like "let's bounce". Not exactly the best way to prove your maturity when you're 31 (almost 32). On the bright side though, the show for this season is 75% finished and the kids are starting to get used to the new way of doing things. As long as Mr. H (the newbie band director) doesn't keep letting them walk all over him, I think it will go smoothly.

Friday was my first day back at work after being off for band camp and guh, let me tell you, it was kind of rough getting back into the swing of things. I stayed about an hour later just to get caught up...definitely not something I'm used to doing. This week should be easier as I'll have more days to get back into my schedule again. And some schedule I've got. Monday-Wednesday is band practice, Thursday is a work night at the stadium, Friday is a football game, Saturday is my Uncle's surprise 60th birthday party then Sunday I'm back at the stadium again. Sleep time? Maybe I'll find time for that, but it's not looking too promising.

In between all of the band and work I've still been finding time to workout. Crazy, especially since I usedto put out any excuse possible to get out of it. Now my day just isn't right unless I've gotten in at least a run. Becaue of this change in attitude about exercising I've dropped another 5lbs as of my last weigh in Friday morning. Hallelujah, saints be praised.

Somehow in all of this lack of time I've met someone too. Now, I'm not going to get too much into it because a) i'm way too superstitious to put anything new like this out ther and b) even though we've been emailing and talking for almost 2 months now, we're still in the getting to know you phase and I don't want him to go screaming for his life. The only info I will divulge is that he is sweet, funny and incredibly handsome.

And that's all I'm giving up...

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