Monday, September 03, 2007

Back to the grist mill

As this long weekend winds down, I'm sitting at work cruising around the internet. The rest of the office is off today but for the Obit Desk, there is no such thing as a holiday. Death waits for no man and all of that.

Luckily it's been quiet enough for me to find a few gems from around the web for you all:

- Damn HMGA2 gene. So because of this discovery, does this mean there's hope for us short types to get a little taller with some gene-therapy? Because, you know, one can only take so much of the dwarf, munchkin, oompa-loompa jokes for so long...

- Bravery is not defined by age. The courage of Lorraine Barr is inspiring. It's just so sad that she felt she had to keep her secret for so long.

- I heart tennis. A lot. Especially when tall, hot, American players are still hanging around for the quarterfinals. Just saying is all.

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