Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sleepy Saturdays rock

After the way my kids performed last night, I knew I needed a drink. Many drinks. Just thinking about how crappy they were with a competition looming made my head hurt.

Just as we were finishing our post-performance review (read as, they got yelled at) my cell phone buzzed.

I'm going to be first one out, when are you heading out tonight?

It was J. We haven't been hanging out a whole lot lately with his new job starting and my band craziness there just hasn't been the time.

Once the game is over. Give me a buzz when you're ready.

We agreed to meet up after he was showered and I was finished at the football game.

Eventually we were on our way, first stopping at his old job for a snack and a drink. It was quieter there than where we were headed so we took the opportunity to catch up a little. J and I have a good friendship that has evolved over the years from work buddies to just plain friends. Like he said once before, we're like the siblings neither one of us had. If that makes any sense what so ever.

Once our drinks were finished, we headed out for our next destination, the bar J is now working at. He had wanted to play some pool and I just wanted some beer so we both won. I tried some beer that had a blueberry taste to it...not bad but the aftertaste was a little iffy. I was perfectly happy sipping my beer but J decided it was time for some shots. And we all know how I get once I start doing some shots...yeah. We wound up only doing two, showing some restraint I opted for a Jameson's shot first then J ordered us red-headed slut shots (I didn't find his joke about the drink and my hair color funny at all). And it went down hill from there. I started feeling the shots, ran into a former co-worker from Cheeseburger and called him by the wrong name (whoops!). Then I ran into another girl I worked with, asked her if her and her husband were still together (they had been on the verge of divorce the last time I saw her) and ended up putting my foot in my mouth when she told me they were actually celebrating their 5th anniversary the next day.

Regret, thy name is alcohol.

By this point it was almost 1 a.m., the bar was starting to empty out and I was getting tired so J drove me home to sober up a little then go to bed. I don't go out like that very often but more and more when I do, it hits me pretty hard. And if I lay down and the room starts spinning...well, that's a bad, bad, sign. So I forced myself to stay up until at least 2:30, drank lots of water, ate plenty of crackers and eventually hit the pillow.

I didn't wake up until after 12:30 p.m. today.

And it felt good.

Sure, I have not accomplished nearly as much as I wanted to but boy does it feel good to sit in my pajamas, nurse a hangover, watch some football (PSU vs. Notre Dame in Happy Valley today at 6 p.m.) and be a bum. I haven't felt this relaxed since college. And you can bet your bippy I'll be doing this more often this year...minus the hangover of course.

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