Friday, October 05, 2007


This day 11 years ago my very good friend, my "almost brother", Kevin lost his life in an automobile accident. To this day, October 5th is more than just a random day for me. His death effected me very much. I was 20 when he died. He was 21 just one month shy of 22. All of the what would have's rushed into my head once I was able to think straight (to this day I still don't remember much about the day after I was told, the service or the days after I went back to school). They still do. Where would he be in his life now? Would he be the successful politician he was on track to be? Would he have a family? Would we still be friends? Then again, the woulds and the would have's can just about kill you too.

I still miss him and often think of him when our families get together (I grew up calling his parents Uncle Chet and Aunt Kathy, even though they are not related), when I'm anywhere near the Delaware shores, or just randomly passing places around this town that remind me of him.

Tomorrow I'll go visit his grave, putting two roses on the plaque like I always do. It's been awhile since I've done that. Life, unfortunately, I've let get in the way of my regular ritual. I haven't visited in quite some time. We'll talk. I'll cry a little...and remember all of the good times we had.

Following is part of the text of a memorial I ran last year on the 10th anniversary of his passing. Kev was a HUGE Jimmy Buffet fan. So big in fact I remember we had to make a special trip to a certain record store to find the one cd he didn't have. These words more than any I've heard or found have helped me to make sense of the loss of such a caring, giving, funny, goofy person.

And it's bigger than the both of us
Deeper than the sea
Tossing on the water riding destiny
Bigger than the both of us
Farther than the eye can see
We're dancing, our souls are dancing,

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So beautiful...

Take care my lovely....