Thursday, October 04, 2007

So bored I'm thinking about digging out the word find book

Over the summer to keep myself amused while at the part-time (there was a lot of downtime once the game started) I bought a book of word finds. You know, the kind where you're given a list of words and you must circle them? My parents always bought these for me when we went on long trips. It was there way of getting at least a little bit of peace and quiet in between the bickering between my sister and I over who got to sit in the middle seat and who got the seat in the way back (anyone who's parents drove a station wagon in the 80s will understand that reference).

When I'm bored, I tend to procrastinate. Yeah, I know, weird but I've always been that way. The more I have to do the more focused I am. That's why today is so hard for me. I.Am.All.Over.The.Place. One minute I'm working on something for our legal ads then the next I realize I need to do something for obits so I'm off, only to forget what in the heck I was doing in the first place. Even worse, when it's quiet and slow in the office, my day just drags on like Macroenomics and my slow-talking prof sophomore year.

Sheer, unadulterated, torture.

There is so much I could be doing if only I had a computer at home. Pictures from, oh, June are still sitting on my camera waiting to be uploaded and I've got spreadsheets that need to be updated in regards to my finances. But alas, Room mate #1 took off for Alabama to be the redneck hick wannabe he is at the NASCAR race at Talladega this weekend and took the laptop with him to amuse his 4 year old nephew. I also have a mountain of laundry begging to be done in my closet and dishes in the dishwasher that are screaming for attention.

Now I understand the value of working from home.

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