Friday, October 12, 2007

Wherein boredom leads to a random post

It's quiet at work today. Too quiet. Like the calm before the storm quiet. As in I'm all caught up, no emails are waiting for me, no laminations need to be done and I haven't had any phone calls in over an hour and a half quiet.

Creepy indeed. I'm just thisclose to having the IT guy check to make sure our email isn't down.

But all of this down time has given me the chance to cruise the interweb more than usual. I present you with a list of really interesting things I found. O.k., interesting to me and if you don't like it, well, click off then.

- New addiction. I so want Mr. Adam's book for my birthday (one month and eight days for those of you keeping track. Ahem.) I shvitzing. Seriously shvitzing.

- Interesting. Clothespins to present checks...I like it. Of course, here in Pennsyltucky the clothespins probably did come right off the clothesline. Cheap bastards.

- More proof to support my cleaning allergy. See mom, I wasn't wrong!

- Eff that.

- Just reinforcing what everyone in Pennsyltucky already knows. YOU DON'T MESS WITH JOEPA.

- Turkey had an ambassador here? Great, just what this country needs, another pissed off European leader.

- Oh, you mean the flower pot was only for decoration?

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