Monday, December 10, 2007

Dear Santa

I know I usually have my letter to you listing what I hope to see under my Christmas tree to you well before this part of December, but I've been a very busy girl. Work has been nonstop, indoor guard is in full swing and there have been random road trips to see quality NCAA (or semi-quality) basketball games at Temple. Plenty to keep a girl on her toes.

In spite of the many, many, many, many opportunities that I had to be bad, this year I can say withouth flinching or crossing my fingers behind my back, I have been a very good girl. O.k. a good girl. O.k., mostly on my best behavior.

Bearing that in mind, I'd like to see the following neatly wrapped and under my Christmas tree 15 days from now, pretty please:

- a french press so I can enjoy my coffee every morning in peace before work

- Donald McCaig's new book "Rhett Butler's People", as I am a major Gone With The Wind fan and fancy myself a sweet southern belle instead of the thoroughly modern Millie I am.

- Tickets for I can sing and dance around a lot.

- A giftcard to the best shoe purchasing website on the internet. Or my crack dealer as I like to call it.

- Something sporty and new to replace my current chariot. Preferably in the Galaxy Gray Mica. Or Black Mica, I'm not picky.

Lastly, I would LOVE to come downstairs and see this all wrapped up with a big red bow:

and if that can't happen, then just to see this smiling face on my doorstep would be the best Christmas present a girl could have...

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