Friday, February 01, 2008

Who knew?

Any of the three of you who still read this thing may have noticed my lack of posts in regards to my dating life. Or lack there of. After the last guy tactfully told me he had a lot to think about and needed to figure out where he was going, but he would get back to me (probably one of the nicest let downs I've ever had) I decided to step back again.

Oh don't get me wrong, I had quite a run in with the Hot Musician a few weeks ago where we happened to be out at the same bar and as my group was leaving, he chased me down, bear hugged me and planted one right on the lips. Then when I mentioned we were hanging out at another place he showed up which in itself made my jaw drop but after the fact, JP mentioned that the bar we were at was out of Hot Musician's way. Oh yeah, he planted one on me at the second bar too.

I was in a state of shock. Hot. Musician. Just. Kissed. Me. Twice in one night!

TBD's new girl is convinced after witnessing that one encounter that he likes me. TBD and JP have said the same thing. But of course, me being who I am, I think they're full of it. Like Hot Musician would want to go out with me? Please. I've suggested twice events/chances for us to hang out in non-threatening, relaxed venues (one even involved sports!) and he declined both times (to be fair the second time he had already made plans to go out of town).

After reading this post over at Grateful Dating, I think I figured out what I may be up against.

Could Hot Musician be a 2x4 guy? I'm starting to wonder...


Jamy said...

1) Thanks for the link.

2) Maybe you are the person in need of the knock on the head. 2 smack-a-roos in one night and he followed you the second bar? Maybe he doesn't want to be your boyfriend but he def likes you.

3) You have that bat up there--why not use it? ;)

agategoddess said...

Anytime! I'm a longtime fan of your blog.

Yeah, I know, I know. I need a definite change of mindset in regards to this whole dating thing. In the end, I should just be happy with what I get.

Hmmm...I like that idea about the bat!

britney22 said...

You are not the only one with lack of posts when it comes to dating, as a matter of fact that is one of my new years resolutions, find a man! LOL! As simple as that sounds my search thus far has not been so easy. So I have broken down and turned to my peers for anyone who has some friendly advice this morning. I just wanted to know, has anyone heard of where can find local speed dating opportunities? I read about it on, however I’m really wanting something right here in my own home town. I mean it sounds like a great way to actually meet people face to face rather than online, which NEVER turns out for me, ‘cause I’m too picky, I guess. Please post any success with speed dating events here for me if you can!

agategoddess said...

Well Britney, I'll try. I've never actually tried speed dating. Online, yes (don't recommend it anymore, too many bad experiences) but not speed dating. In fact, I don't even know if there is anywhere around here that does it...

Hmm, may be worth looking in to.