Friday, March 14, 2008

And then, there was rest

Getting ready to tuck into a much needed long weekend. I can't wait to sleep in a little on Monday, have some green eggs and kegs, and a few drinks at the Harp & Fiddle in honor of the best holiday of the year.

Ah Guiness, sweet nectar of the gods!

Tuesday was taken as a "recovery" day but I doubt I'll need it. This year I'll be by myself as J is working all day Monday. No biggie though. That will actually help keep me a little more sober I think.

After this week, the rest is needed. Heck after today the rest is very much needed. My parents are fighting again. I'm finding myself dragged into the same old arguments and the same old issues. I've also found myself dragged into the middle of a very upsetting situation with TBD. Without getting too much into it, he's doing his damndest to mess up things with his current girlfriend. It's the same old pattern, the same things he did with me, only worse. This girl has no idea. No idea at all.

I hate it.


But there are things to look forward to this week too. More play rehearsal is on the agenda. And we start practicing for the band trip in May...which makes me excited for the trip itself. Oh, and there's next Saturday when I'll be helping Jared and his girlfriend move into their new apartment.

But for now I just need t get through this weekend. Tonight TBD, JP and I are going to watch some college basketball. The Potential New Suitor (PNS for now) wants to go out tomorrow night. That in itself is a sticky situation and I think it would be best if I kept my distance, hold back. PNS has been talking a pretty game lately but really, I doubt he means any of it.

Who knows though.

I just can't wait for Monday, and finally a day of rest.

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