Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Patience is not one of my better virtues

Impatience and a not so good temper are definitely genetic. And this girl most definitely got the worst combination of the two. My ability to just chill out, let things happen and not worry about what will happen has not improved over the years other.

My impatience is being tested today and tomorrow.

After the audition (which at the cost of sounding full of myself, went pretty. damn. well.) we were told there would be one more night of readings for those that didn't make it last night, then we would hear either tonight or tomorrow. If we didn't need to come back for call-backs. Guh. Today has been shear and utter torture.

On the plus side, I've gone to the gym, done some laundry and flirted like crazy via text message with a potential new suitor.

I think I may go do a MySpace survey while I'm at it...

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