Monday, July 07, 2008

Somewhere along the way, don't ask me where and don't ask me how, I started sounding like my mother. And not just the tone of my voice or a phrase here and there. Oh no. I have caught myself saying things that I NEVER in a million years believed I would find myself repeating.

And it's freaking me the heck out.

Prime example, last week at work at the stadium I was working at the desk downstairs when a bunch of kiddo's (unattended of course because, gee, why pay attention to where your kids are when there's free beer/wind in the skyboxes) came through to ride the elevator back to the suite level. The noisily stomped through the door, some of them racing up the stairs while others decided to wait for the "SO COOL" elevator. One hit the button. Then the one behind him hit it. Then one of the others, after waiting 30 seconds and not getting a response started pounding on the button.

I looked up from my word find (games get a little boring after things settle down and everyone's in for the night) and in my most stern voice told them "Be patient! Jeez you kids have no patience at all" then I mumble under my breath something about their generation being so impatient because of video games.

No, my AARP card hasn't arrived yet.

Just today I caught myself using one of my mom's favorites "It's six or one half dozen the other". Yeah. I have no idea what that means either. Which is why I'm slightly north of concerned that I'm not only using it, but using it in proper context. What's next? I shudder to think about it.

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