Saturday, July 12, 2008

Your damn right it's a beautiful day

Right now I'm watching Casino Royale, just until the yummy Daniel Craig emerges from the ocean scene, waiting for J to show up so we can go (belatedly) celebrate his birthday in Baltimore. Originally the plan was to travel to the Big Apple instead of Charm City for the day but with gas prices what they are and finances being so tight, he decided to just head 45 minutes south.

We'll probably grab some lunch, walk over to Federal Hill or Camden Yards (my last place Birds...sigh...are in Boston today), grab some drinks and just see where the day takes us. There's no set agenda. No schedule.

When I was talking to one of my work friends the other day about our weekend plans she was slightly taken aback that I would be spending the day with J and not Will. "He doesn't have a problem with you spending the day with another guy?"

"No, not really. Why would he?"

"Well, you don't have much time together as it is with him being at camp so I just figured you two would spend as much time as possible together when he is home."

And yeah, normally we do. But one of the things we talked about at the beginning of this was that we both needed to realize that we each had very good friends of the opposite sex. Friends who were around long before Will and I became...well, Will and I. And there would be times when we go out with those friends without the other. J and I made our plans a LONG time ago. Like the beginning of the year a long time ago. Like before anything sparked between my other half and I. And he understands that. We're both adults and I trust him. Just like when he goes out with his friends or the one or two trips the guys from camp take to the strip club. It's a tradition, and frankly, I know that at the end of the night, he's coming home to ME. The problem will happen when he doesn't.

And he's fully aware of what will happen if he doesn't.


Besides, tonight, I'll be coming home to him and that really is all he cares about.

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