Monday, August 11, 2008

How NOT to start your week

And just to think, I was coming off a pretty good weekend too. Saturday ice skating with my cousin's kids and then yesterday at camp with my one and only. Who knew that today would go to hell in a handbasket so quickly?

It started off pretty well, got up with plenty of time to spare for coffee and breakfast before band camp started. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that little fact. Band camp started today but that's a whole other set of stresses and reasons for me to drink heavily. Thank the good Lord for my good friends Jack and Jose.

But back to my story, and to make a long one short, I went to start my car and got nothing. I couldn't even use the remote to open the doors. Dead battery. So I called my assistant and she came to pick me up for rehersal. Luckily this all happened well before the day was scheduled to begin. After our day ended on the field, Sarah brought me home to give me a jump. We hooked everything up...and got a whole lot of nothing.

I think at this point I was only slightly on the verge of tears.

Some of Room mate #1's friends and work buddies were hanging out on the front porch, watching the whole procedure with some amusement (a-holes couldn't get off their butts and help a girl?!). Finally after we tried once and got nothing they came off the porch, helped us with the cables ( we almost hooked them up wrong), and still got nothing. Not a hint of a charge. Chad, who's pretty handy with a ratchet and cars offered to take my battery out so I could take it to our local battery place for testing. They test for free then only sell you what you need. Pretty nice people, if I do say so. Even if they are a little rough around the edges. We took the battery over and it was pretty darn dead. Thirty minutes later it was replaced, the key inserted in the ignition...and nothing.

This is right about when the tears started. I mean, really, why does this stuff always happen when I'm in my most emotional time of the month? Guh.

But I digress. We tried a few times to get things moving. The electrical things were doing their thing but the car just wasn't turning over. In between all of the trying and tinkering I called Will, in tears, because he's supposed to come home tomorrow night and I was afraid that since I wasn't going to have a car we weren't going to be able to get together. And the stress of not having enough money right now to get things fixed wasn't helping either. It was just one thing on top of another. And I finally broke. The flood gates opened. And since I don't like to cry in front of other people I did it in my living room away from the guys.

Then I finally regrouped, realized my car had to be towed and called the recommended company from Saturn. Sadly it doesn't look good for my baby. I'll know tomorrow but I don't think the outcome is going to be anything but good.

The plus side to this, if there is any, is that my sweet, funny, lovely boyfriend is still coming to see me tomorrow and for one night at least, I'll be able forget about band, my car or my lack of money to fix it.

And seeing Will tomorrow above anything else is going to be the best part of my entire week. No matter what happens with the car.

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