Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why is the football team on the marching band field?

This week marks week 2 of band camp. We started last Monday with high hopes and are ending in two days with, well, hopes that we don't totally tank this season. And no, we don't go away so there are no "And this one time, at band camp" stories.

I would probably want to throw myself off of a high ledge if we ever did camp away and overnight. Just the idea makes me shudder, and not in a good way.

The kids are actually handling things like champs this year. We've (we being the staff) have thrown a lot of new things and new way of doing things at them which most of them have taken in stride. My guard kids are doing so well that I wanted to cry the other day when they did a whole section of one of their routines perfectly. I blamed it on the PMS.

Each year we start off and I'm so full of hope and high expectations that this year will be our year. Of course, I throw a lot of pressure on myself to do better than last year and write one kickass show that will knock everyone's socks off. I keeping thinking this is the year we bring home a championship. The year we take best auxiliary or finally shove a first place in our rival's faces (me, competative?), enjoying every minute of it. Who knows what will happen but however we do end, I can tell right now I am so happy with my guard kids. Personality wise everyone gets along, even if they don't like each other, they are at least civil toward each other. My seniors (all seven of them) are absolutely great, teaching the newer kids when I ask them or taking control over practice when I need to step away.

At the very least, this will hopefully be the year that I actually maintain my sanity during band season. If that is at all possible.

(My wonderful kids, or most of them with Antonio who visited and guest instructed for the first week. That's me all the way on the left in the red hat.)

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