Monday, February 09, 2009

V-Day with the Mick Mouse

"So what are you two doing for Valentine's Day?"

Some of my co-workers and I were standing around, talking about the upcoming, so called holiday. We had a down time and were talking about plans that had been made. Or not.

"Well, we're not doing anything. I'll be in Florida and Will is going to be at home."

"What?! You're not spending the holiday together?"


"Aren't you upset? I mean, this is your first Valentines Day as a couple, right?"

"Yeah, but to be honest, I've never liked this holiday anyway. Whether I was in a relationship or not I've always thought it was just an overblown, overdone Hallmark holiday."

It's true, whether I've been in a relationship around February 14th or not, I've never liked Valentine's day. Oh I know it's not just about love of a significant other. It's also about love of family and friends. Or just plain love of yourself. Still, I've always felt it was a little overdone. Why should you spend so much money one day a year to tell someone you love them when you can do it everyday. And should do it everyday.

So instead of spending the sappiest day of the year with my Will, I'll be spending it with 86 high school students and Mickey Mouse. We leave for our band trip on Wednesday afternoon, driving straight through from South Central Pennsyltucky to Orlando, hopefully arriving within 18-20 hours in the Sunshine State. I'm excited because it's my first trip to Disney World and all of the attractions around it, in fact I think I'm more excited than the kids!

Sure I'm going to be missing my other half. I wish like nothing else that he was able to go (lack of vacation days are keeping him home) and experience this first trip to Disney World with me. If nothing else it reinforces how important he is to me. How I want to share everything in my life with him. It amazes me that I feel this way about someone...and that he feels the same way about me. I never thought this would happen, that I would fall so much in love like this.

We spent last weekend just enjoying each other's company, getting in as much time as possible with each other before we don't see each other for over a week and a half. That's the longest we will have gone since we got together last March without at least spending a night together. As we were settling down into bed Saturday night, the tears stared. I couldn't hold them back much longer and much to Will's credit, he let me go, let me get it all out. He held me, letting me sob away at the thought of not seeing him or being curled up with him for almost two weeks. After I got it all out, he reminded me it's only a little more than a week. And we'll still talk on the phone every night like we always do. And that I was going to have such a good time that I wouldn't even have time to remember I was missing him. And that he was going to be missing me just as much as I was missing him.

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