Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Normally by this time of the day I'd be well in to it, having attended Green Eggs and Kegs at my favorite establishment back home. But, well, not so much this year. Sigh. Instead I have a fun day of heading to the laundromat with the comforter and trekking to work for my paycheck ahead of me. Woo hoo. Oh how life changes when you're slowly becoming domesticated.

Good thing I still have that bottle of Jamesons.

It's days like today that make me miss my family. I know, I know, they're only an hour and a half away but it's still the principle of the matter. St. Patrick's is a big deal with my mom's side (us being Irish and all) and I missed a lot of the festivities this year, primarily the pub crawl last week. And the warning about wearing green or else the Leprechauns would take you away. Oh no, they didn't just pinch you in my family, if you didn't wear green on St. Patrick's, you were threatened with being carried away by little men in green. Both my mother and grandmother would do that, by the way.

I'm hoping to go back to Ireland at some point, a fact I've expressed so many times to Will that he just rolls his eyes when I start talking about it. The four days I spent there just weren't enough for me. I want to see Dublin, go to Galway and go back to Killarney to see it sober. Ahem. Well just to show you how happy I was in Ireland, here is a picture from our first day. Bear in mind I was running on maybe 3 hours of sleep but when we got off the bus in Killarney, right above the lakes (you can kind of see it in the background) I perked up right away. That smile is the smile of someone who felt like she was coming home...

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