Monday, May 17, 2010

My poor blog, it's probably feeling a little neglected lately. Not that I haven't tried to sit down and put together a post. Oh, there have been plenty of nights when I've attempted it but the words just wouldn't come. Or there was a certain kitty that needed petting. You know, priorities.

The last month plus a few weeks have been consumed by my new job. It has pretty much been my entire life since April 5th, learning the ropes and getting prepared for when I can finally get on the phone. I can't get in to too much detail but I'll be working in customer service again. Yeah, I know I said before that I would NEVER do a job like that again. As they say though, never say never. I'm just happy to have a regular paycheck again and not be at the restaurant. Oh and insurance. That's a definite plus too.

We're also dealing with Will not having his job anymore. After June 30th he is going to be unemployed thanks to school district budget cuts and a society that places more value on football teams than they do on music programs. I'm not sure what's going to happen, he's been applying like a madman to any music position he can but teaching strings/orchestra is his true love. The whole being "laid off" thing (as the school district is calling it) left me with a bad taste in my mouth. When he took that job last year they made it seem like he was the one and only person they wanted to be there and that nothing would change that. That he would be able to build a program that not only he could be proud of, but the district as well. Now we'll never know how good that orchestral program could have been.

Will has one last summer at camp, so it's not like he's immediately getting in line at the unemployment office. That leaves all summer for hopefully something to happen on the job front. We've been over the what if's and have a few options planned out just in case he's still looking at the end of the summer. I hate thinking about it but there is a real possibility that we could be moving again too...and that makes me want to curl up in to the fetal position in the corner.

I'll probably get yelled at for posting this, but I wanted to keep it out there for other people to see how awesome it was. Here is the grand, grand finale from the last concert of the year. The song is O Fortuna from Carmina Burana. Most people usually recognize it, but as you watch the video keep in mind these kids, all of them (chorus included) are high school kids. Yeah. High school. I was SO proud of him that night and still get tears in my eyes when I watch that video. They had two standing ovations...

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